Request a substitute by phone or the online management tool.

Qualified teachers receive an alert.

A teacher who meets your criteria accepts the assignment.

Evaluate the teacher through the online management tool.

We Help You Stay Prepared

Teachers Now is here to help you grow your network of qualified substitute teachers and paraprofessionals through our constant, highly targeted recruiting. With Teachers Now on your side, you can rest assured education will continue even when your teachers are absent. You’ll benefit from:

Increased fill rates for qualified substitute teachers and paraprofessionals

Reduced costs and increased efficiency for hiring substitutes

Easy-to-use, automated technology for absence management

How to Easily Manage Your Substitutes

Why Choose Teachers Now?

We understand the stress of filling last-minute absences, especially with the increase in teacher shortages these days. When unexpected absences happen, Teachers Now quickly matches your school with competent, experienced substitutes who seamlessly integrate in your system and maintain uninterrupted learning. Stop worrying about staffing, and free up your time and energy to focus on what matters most; your students.